Introducing Cleansed: All-Natural Bath and Body Products Made with Love for Family

Hello, my name is Whitney, and I am the creator of Cleansed. My journey began years ago when I decided to switch to a plant-based diet to improve my health. The difference was remarkable as I noticed my body beginning to heal. When my second daughter was born with allergies, I realized the significance of reading product labels and eliminating harmful chemicals from our routine. This led me to create Cleansed, a line of all-natural bath and body products.

As a mother of two daughters with extremely sensitive skin, I understand the importance of using gentle products. The entire Cleansed line was crafted with love and care, using skin-loving ingredients, essential oils, and natural colorants that provide a soothing scent and beautiful colors. All of our products are vegan and in addition to our Cleansed soap line, we also offer a range of all-natural bath and body products to complete your bath experience.

I am excited to share my passion for healthy living with all of you. Cleansed was made with love for my family, and now I am thrilled to offer it to you and your loved ones.

This is my story, not medical advice.